Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 2: Drown Your Sorrows. Then Hide The Body In The Back Yard.

He had an odd feeling of being like a man in the act of adultery who is surprised when the woman's husband wanders into the room, changes his trousers, passes a few idle remarks about the weather and leaves again.

After a short stint to take care of matters in "real life" (the graphics suck there), I'm finally back in my beloved little Coercer, the Red Eye Express. I strap myself in and exit the station hangar, happy to be back on my way, exploring the galaxy.

No, Pedro, you can't leave. In fact, I'm beginning to think you're a Cylon. Do you know what we do to Cylons? They get acquainted with the air lock.
Don't you ask me what a Cylon is! Now get back to cleaning, the blood stain won't get itself off the bulkheads.

Ugh. It's so hard to find good help these days.

As I exit the station and eject the dead hooker out into the vastness of space, I pull up my nav computer, trying to make sense of the various star systems. Hmm...a few more places I haven't been to in this region. Time to head out!

First up is Langissi, which, it turns out, is a rather depressing place. And I don't mean depressing like watching the Seabucks lose a game of Pyramid (holy god I'm a nerd), I mean depressing like "this entire system is filled with places to lock up insane people" depressing.

The first place I warp to is called "Sanctum Psychosis". Apparently, back before the Rebellion, this place was used to house the insane. Lots of bad things were done to them, people believe it to be haunted, blah blah. You know...the usual. It's like Waverly Hills. In space.

At least the insane had a nice view...

Why so serious?

Next up is The Asylum. Remember everything I said about Sanctum Psychosis? Yeah, same exact thing here.
This one, however, has apparently become a refugee camp. It's composed of two stations: The old Asylum, and a new port sitting near it.

Not where I'd want to settle.

Thoroughly depressed by the sights I've seen, I decide it's time for a change of pace. A short jump over leads to the system of Tvink. I first thought this said "Twink".
On a side note, never, ever google image search "Twink".

A beacon pops up on my status bar, and I warp over to a shady criminal hang-out, "Margin of Error".

I don't actually have any witty text here, this just looks cool.

0mgZ d00d, t3h 1337 h4x0Rz!!1!!!one!1!!

Sure looks nice for a criminal hell hole.

Interesting story about this place...apparently, years ago, it was home to a duel between two hackers, trying to show everyone that their 1337 H4x0R1nG 5K1llZ were better than the other guy's.
Lots of horrible grammar and indecipherable l33t-speak later, and a neural pulse ends up killing one and leaving the other to spend the rest of his life as a vegetable.
If I was a vegetable, I'd want to be an avocado.



One more sight in Tvink, a drug manufacturing outpost called "The Crystal Dust Compound", named for the drug.

It's yet another hollowed-out asteroid. Nothing particular intersting about it, though it does have a broken "Enjoy" sign stuck to it.
Speaking of which, whoever designs these things must have discovered perpetual energy, because every single "Enjoy" sign I see still flickers with energy.
Someone's making a huge profit off of manufacturing pre-broken signs, me thinks. It must be some futuristic version of those annoying "Baby on Board" window stickers.

Dude, I'm totally tripping balls...

Only three more systems in this area, then it's off to somewhere decidedly more dangerous. I hope. Damn these long training times!

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